5 Imagens que provam que as mulheres não se medem aos palmos

Conheça cinco mulheres guerreiras e inspiradoras que vão mudar a forma como vê o seu corpo e encara aquilo que, afinal, é capaz de fazer.

5 Imagens que provam que as mulheres não se medem aos palmos
Mais é... mais!

Imagem: www.pixabay.com Se encontrasse qualquer uma destas mulheres na rua, talvez tivesse um comentário a fazer sobre o seu peso, a sua roupa ou a sua atitude. É possível que questionasse como é que se deixaram chegar a este peso ou porque é que não fazem um pouco de exercício. Da próxima vez, pense duas vezes, porque vai surpreender-se com a força, flexibilidade, equilíbrio e determinação destas mulheres.

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1. Jessamyn


London, I will miss you so much. I'm a terrible networker and therefore had fabulous life changing connections with a lot of cool people and didn't bother to exchange contact info. So if you're one of those people & perhaps we split an Uber pool at 4am or cried together after a yoga class or acted completely ridiculous outside a pub in the wee hours or chuckled about the meaning of art at the @National_Gallery or acted really nerdy outside Privet Drive at @wbtourlondon or whatever the fuck, this is my way of saying "IT WAS DOPE AS HELL TO MEET YOU." For real- trust me, I'll be back. See y'all tomorrow, Dubai- if you're in the UAE, I'll be teaching classes at @voyogauae all weekend- click the link in my Instagram header for more info! And if you're sitting at home with a powerful case of wanderlust and want to live vicariously through my international adventures, follow me on snapchat- I'm @mynameisjessamy and trust me, I am living the American stereotype all over the place and giving no fucks whatsoever. Throwback to that time I practiced my #hanumanasana game in the shadow of epic architecture on the Millenium Bridge. Leggings- @lineagewear Bodysuit- @danskinapparel Photo by my love @photoyography Splits by @cbquality

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2. Valerie


Glad to be back home from my trip in Portland and Montana. Though I will be traveling to NYC real quick and heading back. Lots of travel time ✈ Words can't describe how much love I have for you guys! Sometimes I don't feel like I'm fully immersed into the community enough, but I still care about all of you! I'm excited that there are such generous people out there to help me out with my yoga teacher training journey! I also think that I want to take @amber_karnes and @diannebondyyoga's body positive course as well. Even though i'm a bigger bodied person and understand how bigger bodies work, it would be great to learn from some experienced amazing body positive yoga teachers! Also loving my new rad sea creature leggings from @personalrecordofficial ! Glad that her shop has finally launched and she's having great business! Leggings by @personalrecordofficial Mat by @laviebohemeyoga

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3. Nappy beauty love


Headstand practice! Keep going!! #headstand #yogapose #yogalove #iloveyoga #curvyyogi #youallcanyoga #yogaandmuscles #curvyyogasistas #yogaforblackgirls #yogacurves #yogachallenge #yogafun #yogainspired #yogafit #yogaflex #thickfityogi #yogatwist #yogalove #yogaeverydamnday

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4. Dana Falsetti


Have any questions for me? Drop them below and I'll get to as many as I can!

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5. Amber


That one time I did some asana by Lake Ontario. leggings are from @lineagewear - get 15% off with code bodypositive at checkout! #bodypositiveyoga

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